A multi-channel customer engagement platform.

A single One Smart Star number enables customers to connect via phone, sms, email, post, courier and Visual IVR.

All driven by a 4 digit One Smart Star number

What is the Star Number?

It is an easy to remember and simple to use four (4) digits number with a “*” symbol ascribed to it .The Star Number connects customers to your business, allowing them to easily get in touch with you and make purchases. For example *6776 is the Star number for Star Phone Nigeria. 


Advantages of The Star Number

  • Increase in calls to your Organisation, resulting in new to leads and growth in revenue
  • Time saving i.e Customer don’t need to search how to contact you
  • Easy to remember ,Simple to use, with 100% recalls among adults
  • Create a single identity for your company or brand i.e brand differentiation
  • One stop shop for all your services and transactions
  • Quick access to your services and increase customer interaction
  • Mobile advertising efficiency with millions of impression

Star Phone Profile 

Star Phone App is a simple to use dial-up application that integrates all available communication channel of an organisation onto one interface i.e Star Phone Profile for easy access.

Through the Star Phone App, customer get access to all multiple communication channels of the organisation i.e voice phone, website, email, social media platforms, SMS, location navigation ,fax etc. on one platform. From this single interface, customers are able to perform or undertake all traditional transactions or activities that are available via separate channels.

Your customers on Smartphones can use your Star Number to contact you through our unique Star Phone App. The menus on a Star phone Profile enable them to get straight through to the right department and quickly access and download your online content. 



One Smart Star® is a multichannel customer engagement platform, which allows companies to be reached via Phone, SMS, Email, Post, Fax and Visual IVR via a single number (e.g. *1234 or *BANK)


Global Reach

One Smart Star® is in global expansion and is now in more than 60 countries.  We have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide owning One Smart Star Numbers and millions people worldwide are using these star numbers every day.


Visual IVR

One Smart Star® includes a unique customised Visual IVR with your own company’s branding.
Dialing your One Smart Star Number on their smartphones, you customers arrive directly to your company’s on screen app.
Here you can present a limitless level of menus for branches, services, navigation, maps & social media etc.

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One Smart Star Numbers

How it works

Simple choose a memorable 4 digits number and we will link it to your existing 10 digits landline or mobile number.

You have the option of creating a unique number that aligns with your brand name, organisation acronym or industry.

For instance: *OSSN (*6776),*HSBC (*4722), *FOOD (*3663), *NEWS (*6397), *AUTO (*2886),*TAXI(*8294).

This creates a unique number for your brand or corporate identity and easy customer recall. There are no set-up cost or system charges and you will not lose your existing number or the calls it generates.


Turn all your contact points into one easy to remember One Smart Star

No more long phone numbers! Get a 4 digit Star Number !



Link all of this information to your One Smart Star Number

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Link all of this information to your One Smart Star Number

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Access One Smart Star on your phone or tablet

Get the Star Phone app to access all of our features from your Android or iOS device