Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some commonly asked questions about One Smart Star Numbers.

  • A One Smart Star Number is an unique mobile number consisting of a “* “ + “4 Digits”. It’s easier to recall and quick to dial.
  • A One Smart Star Number maximizes the value of your marketing efforts, making it easier for customers and potential customers to reach your business by memorizing a much shorter number than a traditional phone number. You can also select number combinations which form words corresponding to your brand or organization’s acronym e.g. *BANK, *PIZZA, *HSBC etc. This strengthens your brand recall and presence across different mediums.
  • Additionally, you can connect your One Smart Star Number to a digital portal containing links to all your key call-to-actions, like customer service inquiries, feedback, and purchases etc
  • Yes, the One Smart Star Number service is relatively new in Nigeria.
  • No, the One Smart Star Number service is being successfully used in over 80 countries worldwide with thousands of satisfied customers.
  • No, nothing from your existing telephone system and arrangement needs to be altered when your business decides to use the One Smart Star Number service.
  • Absolutely, your business can choose the One Smart Star Number that meets your needs and advertising purposes
  • It will depend on the One Smart Star Number you choose. For the range of pricing, please refer to the Pricing section.