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Moving telephoning to exciting visual interactions

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Enables easier and faster access to government and municipal services

Help citizens access government services faster and more conveniently

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A perfect digital solution to post covid business realities

Get the capacity to transact your business remotely without any face to face contact

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Serves as your company billboard on every smartphone

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This Free Service enables you combine all your social media handles with your graphical photographs under one single telephone number.



  • Combines all your social media handles, your contact and business information under one single number.
  • Enables customers remotely view exciting graphical slide images of your products or services and conclude sales.



  • Experience the ease and convenience of combining all your products or service information, and social media handles under one single telephone number.
  • Increase your reach and sales by digitizing your business marketing and deploying digital brochure of your goods and services.
  • Helps every caller enjoy unforgettable self-service- experience.


  • It is Easy to remember. Simple to use
  • Combines all your products and services, corporate and communications platforms, and social media handles under one single telephone number.
  • Helps every caller enjoy unforgettable self-service- experience.
  • Provides easier, faster and more convenient access to government information and services
  • Live Report - be able to send or receive live photographs or video from remote location.

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