Now every organisation can experience the power
and convenience of unifying all their communication
platforms under one single telephone number.

The Smart Number Service TM is a business communication solution that enables organisations of all sizes to achieve compelling brand advantage by providing a single point access through a telephone number to the full range of its corporate services and information.

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customers and businesses in
over 80 countries worldwide.

Why Smart Number

Bring all your communication platforms under one single number

Deliver exceptional customer self service experience, always

Serves as your company billboard on every smart phone

Visual, engaging, memorable and more effective customer engagement

Easy to remember. Simple to use

Lead to 20% increase in customer traffic

Enhances customer conversion and retention

Help govt agencies serve citizens better

The Smart Number ServiceTM is used by hundreds of millions of satisfied callers in over 80 countries around the world. The service is provided in Nigeria by One Smart Star Nigeria the franchise owners for Nigeria. The patent protected service is a product of One Smart Star International, with international headquarters in New York and Singapore.

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